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 Updated 2021-03-30
Main Entities
- Food
- Food Names
- Food Description
- Component
- Energy
- Atwater System
- Nutrition Labelling
- Protein
- Amino Acids
- Non-protein nitrogen
- Carbohydrate
- Lipids - Fat
- Fatty Acids
- Organic Acids
- EBI Chemical Entities
- Value
- Value Documentation
- Significant Digits
- Method
- Analytical Methods
- Expression of values
- Reference
- Scientific Literature
- 'Grey' Literature
Estimating Values
- Beef and Veal
- USDA Regression
- Pork
- USDA Regression
- Danish Pork 2015
- Lamb
- Fish
- Lipid - Moisture
- Protein Moisture
- Dairy Products
- Milk
- Cheese
Recipe Calculation
- Analytical vs. Calculated Values
- Moisture Adjustment
- Food Weights and Measures
- Food Yield - Weight Yield (under implementation)
- Refuse - Waste (under implementation)
- Nutrient Retention (under implementation)
Data Presentation
Data Interchange
- Food Composition
- Food Description


2021 Release of the New Zealand Food Composition Database.

The 2021 update of New Zealand food composition database (NZFCD) released online on 31st March 2022. For more information, see the EuroFIR website.
7th edition of the Belgian food composition table.

New version of the Belgian printed food composition table. For more information, see the EuroFIR website.
First edition of the Kyrgyz Food Composition Table.

Kyrgyzstan has released their first national food composition table. For more information, see the EuroFIR website.
Version 6.4 of the Swiss food composition database.

The updated Swiss Food Composition Database includes new data from analyses of minerals and vitamins carried out in Switzerland, see the FSVO website.