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Analytical Methods

 Updated 2019-12-05

 Analytical Methods for Components in Foods

It is neither the purpose, nor the intention of the Compilers' Toolbox™ to go deeper into the subject of analysing food components. In addition to Greenfield and Southgate, there are other prominent places to find the information on proper analytical techniques for developing food composition data.

However, the collection of nutrient values from the literature and unpublished sources requires critical assessment of all available data. To accomplish such a task demands that the procedures used for analysis be carefully scrutinized. The diversity of analytical methods, the numbers of nutrients being assessed, and the various forms of the nutrients make this task quite difficult.

Work on describing proper methods regarding components in foods has been carried out in connection with the European projects, EuroFIR Nexus and TDS-EXPOSURE. The result is GAMA - Guidelines for Assessment of Methods of Analysis, a wiki formerly hosted by the Helsinki University (you need to register to get access then search for GAMA in the search box in upper right hand corner). Once logged in, you have direct access via the links below.

The present wiki is currently hosted on the EuroFIR/Metrofoods/TDSExposure site (Metrofood Wiki)

 GAMA - Guidelines for Assessment of Methods of Analysis - Nutrients

The EuroFIR GAMA - Guidelines for Assessment of Methods of Analysis contains description on proper methods to be used in the analysis of nutrients and contaminants.
Currently, the following information for vitamins is available:

   Water-soluble vitamins:

    Fat-soluble vitamins:





FoodData Central
October 2020 release.

A new version of the USDA ARS FoodData Central was released October 2020.
For more information, see FoodData Central website.
The French Ciqual 2020 table is online

With 3,185 foods and 67 constituents, the 2020 version of the Ciqual table is available. See the ANSES-CIQUAL website.
First Anniversary release of USDA ARS FoodData Central

For more information, see USDA National Agricultural Library's Food and Nutrition Updates - May 2020.
Report Report on nutrient analysis of key cuts of British pork

Analytical survey on key cuts of pork sold in the UK commissioned by Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) and Public Health England (PHE). See Quadram Institute Bioscience’s Food Databanks National Capability website.