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List of terms in food composition work

 Updated 2019-12-23

The EuroFIR Terminology Database is formed by entries from multiple authoritative sources in food composition, sampling and analytical methodology (see also reference list at the bottom of this page).

The database contains the terms, their definitions and a reference to the origin of term and definition. In cases where two or more references give different or contradicting definitions for the same term, this will be indicated in the definition with reference to the other source(s) of definitions.

An entry in the terminology database will typically take the following form:

Term:   Laboratory sample
Definition:   The sample or subsample(s) sent to or received by the laboratory. When the laboratory sample is further prepared (reduced) by subdividing, mixing, grinding or by combinations of these operations, the result is the test sample. When no preparation of the laboratory sample is required, the laboratory sample is the test sample. A test portion is removed from the test sample for the performance of the test or for analysis. The laboratory sample is the final sample from the point of view of sample collection but it is the initial sample from the point of view of the laboratory. Several laboratory samples may be prepared and sent to different laboratories or to the same laboratory for different purposes. When sent to the same laboratory, the set is generally considered as a single laboratory sample and is documented as a single sample.
Reference:   IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, Electronic version



List to be continued.


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